Matthew Cobb chooses the five best books on the history of science

Why Evolution Is True

Our own Matthew Cobb has just appeared on the Five Books site, where Jo Marchant interviews him about his five choices for “best books in the history of science”. (I think he really means the five best books that are accessible to the layperson.) It’s a good interview, and Matthew sounds very smart, which he is; but I don’t often encounter him in academic mode so I was doubly impressed. Here are his choices; only the first was obvious to me:






I’ll refer you to the Five Books site to read the whole Q&A, but I’ll show just two bits:

Your day job is as a geneticist studying the sense of smell but you also write and translate history books. What is it that draws you to history and, in particular, the history of science?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but if we don’t understand where we’ve come…

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