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Classical Music Collection on Vinyl for Sale

June 20, 2018

Vinyl Record Collection for Sale


Curriculum Vitae, April, 2018

April 5, 2018

cv2018 April

Fred Tackett on Playing on Bob Dylan’s Gospel Tour

December 25, 2017

via Gospel Bob: guitarist Fred Tackett on playing with Dylan, 1979-1981

Two fine examples of how to write: Bob Dylan and Kazuo Ishiguro

December 22, 2017

via Book Review – My Twentieth Century Evening and Other Small Breakthroughs: The Nobel Lecture by Kazuo Ishiguro – The Nobel Lecture by Bob Dylan

Capitalism and Religion in World History: Purification and Progress

December 11, 2017

E-flyer for Capitalism and Religion Book 2017

Cities and Sieges in Medieval Europe

December 2, 2017

Cities and Sieges in Medieval Europe

Rights and Liberty: What is going on here? Google Ngram Viewer Chart shows “rights” increasing, its mirror image “liberty” decreasing

September 7, 2017

176-7, 185-6, 187n5

If you type in the words “rights” and the word “liberty” you find the word “rights” increasing while almost in mirror image fashion the word “liberty” falls. In effect this means – consulting my previous posting – that the incidence of the word “rights” does move favorably with “democracy” but the word “liberty” does not.

Democracy and Liberty: Google Ngram Viewer shows Liberty falling and Democracy Rising

September 7, 2017

176-7, 185-6, 187n5

If you go to Google N Gram Viewer, typing in the two words “liberty” and “democracy” you will see the word “liberty” falling from 1800 to 2000 while the word “democracy” rises. My own view is this tells us something fundamental about rights versus majority rule.

Google N-Gram Chart: Capitalism and Communism

August 26, 2017

On Google N-Gram type in the two words “Capitalism” and “Communism” indicating that you want the appearance of the two words in the English language literature to be captured in the diagram regardless of whether they are capitalized or not capitalized. You will find an interesting pattern. Before the end of World War II the two terms mimic each other, growing pretty much in tandem. After the Cold War begins they mirror each other in a negative fashion: when one rises the other falls. It is during this period that they became opposed ideologically. This fact proves two things. The first is that the two terms are ideological not “real.” The second is that they are really not opposed in real terms. In point of fact pure Capitalism and pure Communism represent the opposite ends of a spectrum: the degree to which the state enters into the market. Pure Capitalism is zero entry; pure Communism is 100 per cent entry. In reality neither pure Capitalism nor pure Communism exist. In actual practice societies can be ranked based on the percentage of the economy in state hands. The lower the percentage, the more “capitalist” they seem. The higher the percentage the more “communist” they appear. Communism is nothing more than State Capitalism.

Good message on free speech from UC Berkeley’s new Chancellor — Why Evolution Is True

August 24, 2017

Carol T. Christ, an academic (an English scholar specializing in Victorian literature), became the Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley in March. Yesterday she issued a superb statement about free speech at Berkeley, a school that’s lately been embroiled in issues of no-platforming and even violence around proposed right-wing speakers like Ann Coulter […]

via Good message on free speech from UC Berkeley’s new Chancellor — Why Evolution Is True