ECN 111A: Memorandum for Final Examination

July 24, 2017

Memorandum for the Final Examination in ECN 111 A Summer 2017

Communism is State Capitalism

July 22, 2017

View the pair of words – Capitalism, Communism – in Google Books N-gram Viewer. Choose the dates 1800 for the beginning, 2008 for the endpoint.

ECN 111A: What is Capitalism

July 22, 2017

What is Capitalism.doc

Distrust of Merchants in Classical Axial Religions

A Second Axial Age Rejects the First Axial Age 2013 A



ECN 111A: Notes on the Economics of Slavery (Section VII of Course)

July 19, 2017

Notes for Section VII of ECN 111 A

Notes on the Efficiency of Slavery System

ECN 111 A: The American System of Manufactures and the Mechanization of Agriculture

July 17, 2017

ECN I I I A Section VI The American System of Manufactures

Notes for Section VI of ECN 111A American System of Manufactures


The American System of Manufactures Paper 2010 A

ECN 111A: Memorandum for the Second Midterm Examination

July 14, 2017

Memorandum for the Second Midterm Examination in ECN 111A

ECN 111A: A Correction on the Equations

July 14, 2017

A Correction on the Equations

ECN 111A: (1) Notes on the Constitution; and (2) Notes on the Use of an Augmented Production Function to Analyze the First and Second Industrial Revolutions

July 13, 2017

Notes on the Constitution

Notes on the Use of an Augmented Production Function for Explaining the First and Second Industrial Revolution

ECN 111 A: Notes on the Political Pendulum Swing and Notes on the Industrial Revolution

July 12, 2017

Notes on the Moderate Enlightenment Political Pendulum Swing

Notes for Section V of ECN 111A

Some Notes on Natural Philosophy: ECN 111A, Section IV Lectures

July 11, 2017

Some Notes on Natural Philosophy and Its Implications for the Enlightenment